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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Mike Sigman wrote:
I dunno. need a personal hands on. ..... Your focus on a mathematical or physics breakdown that will go hand in hand with your own perceptions is just more than I can respond to.
Hm. I gathered that. The same criticism may just as easily be made of the focus on Chinese natural philosophy "that will go hand in hand with your own perceptions."

I give the Chinese systems of knowledge credit on their own terms and that they can and do relate deeply to other spheres of knowledge. Chinese methods with mechanical effects ought to have mutual benefit by exploring them from a mechanical perspective to find those points of relation.

The point was about broadening and finding connections between very differing terms of reference. The point was to increase the possibilities of common understanding and communication of the basis of these types of movements.
Mike Sigman wrote:
Hands on with clear instruction. Common sense. Not mathematics.
The thing about common sense is that it's not. Common. Whose terms of art are necessarily "better," or, for that matter, better for what purpose, which I think I made fairly clear, is a pointless debate. Every system of reference works in its own terms -- that's why they come into existence.

Breaking down categorical assumptions underlying any system of references is the way that knowledge expands. Physical mechanics has expanded its scope and depth in just that way. So has traditional Chinese knowledge, for that matter.

Given the responses refusing conceptual discussion of these issues in any terms other than your own and, from the first instance to the last, favoring of direct experience as the only guide, I seriously wonder why you are having any discussion at all.

"I know that you know that I know that you know that I know ... "

What can possibly be learned in that ?? It seems vain and pointless in that light.

But, do carry on. Please don't mind my occasional foreign-sounding noises over here in the corner. I am quite sure nothing that I say is likely to inform a discussion of that kind, anyway.


Erick Mead
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