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A good rule of thumb I use is: don't counter advice given by the MD actually seeing the patient One thing she could do, though, if she'd like to get out there sooner, is discuss with him why six months (so she knows what he is worried about and can tell if that is an accurate fear based on what she does in class) and offer to make the needed changes/describe clearly for him what she does in class... he may going off his memeories of high school TKD or grade school karate in making his decision. Once they both know why the restriction was made, and what she plans to do, hopefully there will be a plan that is livable, so she doesn't get tempted to cheat. More importantly, he may even extend the healing time (foot-sweeps,breakfalls for instance).

I think I've mentioned before, we (MDs)are not a group inclinded to admitting when we don't know something (see, it's not just me ), so make sure everyone in the room knows what Aikido is (even to us on the forum it is different)...if he's any good, he'll make sure you understand the healing process involved in this particular break and body (nearly as individiualized as Aikido), and a common ground should be reached. Hope she gets better soon
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