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Re: Train of thought

I don't meant to offend. On one level if one is asking quesitons of their Aikido -and many are-there are answers. If you are not thats fine. But Aikido today and Aikido Journal addressed these ever growing concerns of their readership ten years ago. It has grown, not diminished. To the point of many in Aikido now corss training in Judo and BJJ and Dait oryu.

One answer-for them Mary, not you- is first seeing the short comings in an art-they all have them. Fighting or if that offends ...say full resistance -training- amplifies the shortcomings and offers fixed for them.

The best answer internal training.. which was thr foundation of the art to begin with. It is THE SOURCE of Ueshibas not fighting fighting. A means for controlling every effort that comes your way without causing harm in return. great stuff, and great potential.

Some dont like it, others are actively searching. Those searching the internal skills will come out ahead. They...are merely discovering the vision-through these skills...that UEshiba had in the first place.
It isn't about technique....never was.
I have shown these things to Aikido folks (I just don't talk about it)and I am training with some Aikido folks here to try and start to change what I see is missing. I don't want to travel and do seminars but I am offering to help the best I can.

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