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Re: Train of thought

Alex Lawrence wrote:
Just a train of thought here to check my current (and ever evolving) understanding of Aikido, would appreciate comments.

There seems to be a lot of talk about Aikido techniques not working against resistance but I thought the entire point of Aikido was to harmonise with and so use any resistance to throw uke.
their own resistance.

The problem arises Alex when people try to use resistance to overcome resistance. Some folks get caught up in technique and believe it is the means to the end when it is simply a tool for control. Where a person to attack me they would seek to establish conflict in my body or mind and then exploit that conflict to cause me pain or worse. As an Aikidoka it is my job to make sure that conflict never happens or to resolve the conflict within me before I attempt to resolve the conflict between me and the other person. That is one reason why it is so important for Aikido students to lean as many counters to techniques as they can. In the course of regular training one would not neutralize the technique of their partner but sometimes it may be necessary if one feels threatened or something feels out of place. For most of the basic techniques there are standard counters although you may not seem then taught very often and most of the time they can be successful if there is the slightest bobble in your partners center.

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