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Re: Train of thought

Dan harden wrote....Ask him to start fighting you in a pick-a-part style. Ask him to stand out of your range and pick you apart with kicks and strikes. Try to "use" his energy against him to defend yourself and bring his attacking energy against him while you do…..only.…..the Aikido techniques you do every week in class.

Why Dan....?????
Wy must it all be about fighing and winning??

Why can't it be for the reasons I train.

It seems like this has turned into a Mike Harden and Dan Sigman forum (I know I got the names wrong...I think they are the same person)
....all about developing Ki by not training but douing some of Mike's tricks or about real fighting using Dan's ideas about MMA.
I don't think there is any thing wrong with either of those agendas other than I think they are using this forum to market themselves.
This is an aikido forum.....fighting????/

Does anyone train to creat peace in their own effect a change in themselves that might help others???

I do..( go ahead tell me I am new age ...Mike...I guess I am).

I have no interest in fighing or learning tricks that don't come from weekly training.

It seems like everyone has been shut up and this is all that in on aikiweb.....maybe it needs a new Hardmanweb.

There. Now I feel better
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