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Re: the true meaning of "do"

Matthew Gano wrote:
One guy had even recently gotten a tattoo representing our dojo. Who would have thought he'd have just stopped going shortly after that?
The things people do huh

I first started Aikido because a friend of mine was going to watch a demo advertised in a local paper. He mentioned it to me and I decided to go with him. We were both impressed with what we saw, got on the mat, tried it, and signed up there and then. I think he lasted about 6 classes, I've long since lost contact with him, but am still training myself after 14 years.....

During those 14 years I've lost count of the number of people that come in and sign up, pay membership only to never come back through the door. I've also known a few students that have practiced for long periods and just stopped coming, never to be seen again.

A "do" is "shugyo", it requires a lot of self discipline, desire to learn and heart. I think in todays society, too many people lack one or more of these attributes. I think it's a shame, but just the way it is. I don't worry about it too much though, I'm still practicing and learning, that's what matters to me.


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