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Re: Train of thought

Alex Lawrence wrote:
Just a train of thought here to check my current (and ever evolving) understanding of Aikido, would appreciate comments.

There seems to be a lot of talk about Aikido techniques not working against resistance but I thought the entire point of Aikido was to harmonise with and so use any resistance to throw uke.

So in an Aikido context there can never be any resistance because all energy expended by opponent should be used to throw uke, hence uke is at all times effectively non-resistant and complicit (albeit unconsciously) in throwing themselves.

So training to effect technique against resistance is not Aikido training. Training to use resistance is Aikido training.
If you think you can use the resistance of your techniques to harmonize and subdue people other than Aikidoka do it.
Don't question it or talk about it…go do it.
And idea is to get someone you trust who does not do Aikido. Perhaps an MMA trained fellow. Ask him to start fighting you in a pick-a-part style. Ask him to stand out of your range and pick you apart with kicks and strikes. Try to "use" his energy against him to defend yourself and bring his attacking energy against him while you do…..only.…..the Aikido techniques you do every week in class.
If you get someone decent- when and if you do successfully enter- ask him to fight your every move. You may find his intent/ then instant lack of intent and unwillingness to take ukemi to be a different feel to try and use. Have fun and try it. You may find things beneficial to the way you approach a martial art. It may help you when you go back to doing your aikido.
On another level try to get some help with a CMA fellow. It may prove difficult to get someone with skill but ask around and keep trying. You may find them even more difficult to "find" anything to use to throw them with. It will come and go on you and you may find them controlling your center, even your access to it.

In short what I'm saying is if you truly believe and actually think you can access and use a fighter's energy against them and pull off clean Aikido syllabus locks and pins.. then go for it and do it and keep doing it. If you run into someone who pretty much just stands there taking you apart and your throw or lock attempts are neutralized- ask them to slow down and show you what they are doing. You may discover a different body dynamic in response to your technique attempts with little attention being made to a receiving ukemi that you are used to. It may make your Aikido and your use of your Aikido ….sharper.

Let your answers be --your- answers. Earned and learned. If you're lucky you may find sme great friends to train with in a more intense setting. It's the best way to grow. Make your own opinions about this stuff.
Have fun and try it all

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