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Re: Get Real/ On the street

What is "Martial"? is war, and war is art, and all of it's relative.
Aikido, for me is a rhythm of my life. It's how I live. If I were to stop training today, I would die...or at least fall into severe depression and kill myself. I'm going a little extreme, because I am incapable of quitting. Even if I left my dojo, I wouldn't be able to help myself from practicing on my own.
Aikido has, quite literally, kept me sane through some low points in my life.
When I was little, one of the things I remember Kangas Sensei saying was that your dojo should be the calm lake, the peaceful center of a teeming and noisy forest.
My dojo is my sanctuary. Whenever I walk through the door and bow in, I forget everything about the outside world, and it's just the me and my mat.
How does Aikido work for me? It's how I live.

Shinma Hukumetsu
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