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Re: 7 year old applies self defense

I think the seven year old was completely justified. However, I do think he should have acted sooner.

Then again, when I was in third grade, there was a group of kids who liked to beat me up. I asked Sensei what to do if someone kicked me, and he taught me maegeri kokyunage (sp?), which I applied the very next day. It took me a long time and many bruises before I used it. When you're a little kid, it's hard to react "properly" or with sufficient timing. Better late than never, right? I'm so happy to know that there are children who defend themselves at school. The majority (not all) of teachers are useless when it comes to bullies.

So the original post was unsure if it was the correct thing to do. How is it even a question in your mind? Of course he was right to defend himself. I remember a quote I read in some other post, "O-Sensei teaches us to be merciful, not nice."

To this day, maegeri is one of my favorite techniques, possibly favored high above all other.

That kid is awesome!

Shinma Hukumetsu
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