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Mike Sigman
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Erick Mead wrote:
The point is two fold --

1) Utility -- What is better to aid in teaching and transmitting the aiki concepts to the widest possible audience?
Hands on with clear instruction. Common sense. Not mathematics.
2) Corroboration -- Does the concept have corroborational support in a widely-understood field for reference to illustrate concepts in physical application, or to check or to suggest novel ideas of application?
I think it's been pretty obvious to a number of people over a number of disciplines for many years, Erick. Of course, not everyone has the common sense to see beyond their own perspectives, so 100% is not the claim.
Notwithstanding these observations, if you or anyone else is willing to do so, I would love to engage the jin concept as you understand it to operate physically, in terms of its mechanics in this forum.
I dunno. I think you've seen reasonably clear explanations and you've also seen Rob, Dan, me, others, others by inference (like Ushiro) indicate fairly clearly that you need a personal hands on. Your focus on a mathematical or physics breakdown that will go hand in hand with your own perceptions is just more than I can respond to. This has dragged on too long. Maybe if you brought in someone like Akuzawa, Ushiro, etc.?


Mike Sigman
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