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Re: the true meaning of "do"

Luc Saroufim wrote:
i am asking this community if my understanding of "do" has any validity, or if they've experienced the same things with other training partners.
In the first class I participated in there was another first-timer...he bought his gi and everything; attended one class, so far as I know, I never saw him again.
More along the lines of what you described, there was a couple of guys who were around my age and began around when I did. They seemed to progress faster than least, they seemed to be more confident with things than i was. They trained for a while then suddenly stopped. One guy had even recently gotten a tattoo representing our dojo. Who would have thought he'd have just stopped going shortly after that?
I don't know much about anything, (regardless of past momentary delusions of solid comprehension) but it seems to me the essence of "do" is basically dedication to the art. I think this is true regardless of whether you study aikido, judo, or shodo (calligraphy).
I'm not sure I agree it's useless to have been shown "the way" if one then chooses to not follow it. At least he's tasted it a bit and likely gained a little bit of learnin' about ukemi. I think there are a lot of things one can do to improve their lives, aikido is just one of them...great though it is!!!

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