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Gernot Hassenpflug
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Dan, don't worry. If it's any consolation, Kuroda Tetsuzan writes in his books that body shape and composition become irrelevant once the body has learnt the correct kata motions. :-) The same thing applies to weapon length...

Mike, I hope this isn't a tangent. But most of the JMA people who've displayed skills haven't been particularly large fellows - Ueshiba was reputed to have been very strong, but Shioda doesn't come across as a weighty man, nor does Sagawa (nor Abe Seiseki or Kuroda Tetsuzan, but I am not sure how "good" they are compared to the well-known guys). Akuzawa is pretty strong in the lower body, and you've mentioned the CMA people being very big there too. Do you think this is a variation/specialist use of the body that is making a difference here, or more simply a matter of us seeing the good people when they were already old and had lost a lot of muscle mass? (maybe in Japan although one can add and use extra muscle if one has the movements correct, it wasn't needed and emphasis was on technique, particularly sword?)
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