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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Tim Anderson wrote:
Actually, there is video footage of Ueshiba performing just such a technique but its from a push on the knee instead of the forearm. I am not sure which video series it is from but I am sure someone out there does.

Again, I have seen video that contradicts this. I have also in person felt this so.....

I hope some people throw up video links because there is sufficient footage out there that contradicts these statements.

Tim Anderson
Actually, Saotome Sensei has an amazing pulse shoulder movement he does from Ryo Kata Dori. I've seen him shoot his uke back a good five feet. Shioda Sensei could do this pulse forwards or backwards... in his biography it recounts a time when he was garbbed from behind with Ryo Kata Dori and his pulse was so strong it knocked the uke out.

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