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Gernot Hassenpflug
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Re: opening the joints

Hi, I got left behind in all the posts here (time zone difference), so in response to Mike's point about yin and yang, and Alfonso's question, perhaps yes, it is nothing more than "unbending the kinks" and connecting pieces together. I'm confused by Mike's comment about the wrong path here, since for example IIRC Akuzawa and Rob mention that the exercises get more and more painful as you get better, partly because one gets better at stretching/compressing the joints. I'd love to hear whether this bodily extension is required or not in order to learn some basics, but can then be done away with, or whether it is an indivisible part of the whole package and doesn't get thrown out later after it as served some or other purpose. Clearly, I don't want to fixate on the wrong things, nor tell other juniors about them if they'll put them on the wrong track.
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