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Re: Early Aikido vs Modern Aikido

Kim Rivers wrote:
However with aikkido I can see how it can be used for self-defense, especially with someone who might not expect you to move as you might in applying an aikido technique.

I got to find this out early in my aikido when some goon at a local lake decided I might be a potential victim. He surprised me from behind, applied a chocking head-lock type of grab and was dragging me off into nearby bushes.I know I did not resist as he expected. I actaully went with his motion and this let me enter closer to him and created a space for me to slip out of his grab. I ended up behind him with his arm in my grip in a position that looked like the end of shihonage. I had a lot of fear fueled adrenaline going and this gave me the speed and power that I do not need or use on the mat in an aikido class.

I added a sharp kick to the knee as I pulled him backwards. It seemed he went down like a ton of bricks. I did not stick around though, but took off and called the cops. He was long gone though and I'm not sure if they ever got him, but I do know that both aikido and self-defense kept me from being hurt or worse.

Well that's my long ramble for now. thanks folks. -Kim


I love hearing stories like this one!

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