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Mike Sigman
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Re: opening the joints

Thomas Campbell wrote:
my Chinese teachers use more prosaic terminology, and rarely if ever use the term "jin" during training. That's their particular approach, however, and I am aware of the multiplicity of "jins" in CMA theory, for example with taijiquan.
Well, this plays somewhat into the "opening of the joints" and all that. The "multiplicity of jins" is a misunderstanding. There is only one jin. All those other jins are simply variations and facets of the one jin. Different ways to use the one jin.

In the haste to get "all the secrets", a lot of people miss the fact that these things are pretty simple and have a basic alphabet (this is that beauty that attracted Asians into a cosmological worship of these skills). People who can do a few tricks are doing the equivalent of making a few words from the alphabet. However, making a few words and being able to write like Shakespeare are different things. The point to focus on is that the alphabet is actually fairly simple, though, regardless of what different experts, etc., show.

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