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Re: To Slap the Ground or Not

Sensei Hooker said
This way both Uke and Nage can apply technique 100 percent without holding back. Real training can be safe. I know people involved in arts that are "combative" or deal in irreconcilable sceneries will have a hard time with this concept. Apples and Oranges.
Thank you Sensei.

I posted in another thread that one of Messores Sensei's excellent students whom I call Sensei exhorted me to 'stay connected to nage' - to keep pushing all the way through my attack as uke. This is new to me, as 'bail and run' are what I thought was correct. This new training has caused tremendous pain - and healing for me, as I let ki move through some serious old injuries.

Judo saved my life as an adolescent, aikido is saving my health as a middle aged man. I am indebted to the founders and practitioners of both arts, and especially to my Senseis who love me, even if they express this love with hard words, their fists, and seeming disapproval.

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