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Dennis Hooker
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Re: To Slap the Ground or Not

What so many people fail to remember (or never knew or don't believe) is that ukme in Aikido is defensive technique and not just an attempt to impact the ground with as little damage as possible. When we start to apply parameters from outer arts to Aikido we get apples and oranges. This can not be helped if the poser of the question does not know the difference between the two. I will qualify this by saying in the Aikido "I" know and have been taught is that uke is generally given a change to escape when all hope of attack is lost. They can take an awkward and sometimes dangerous path to the ground or they can apply a technique called ukme to escape, hopefully unharmed. That is the difference. Nage generally cares about the outcome with uke whereas in some arts uke is left to his/her own devices and never given a change to reconcile the encounter. In Aikido much of the time it is Uke that resolves the conflict by opting out of the attack when balance is lost or they are clearly venerable to a devastating reprisal. The Aikido comes into play when Nage allows them to reconcile the conflict without damage. This way both Uke and Nage can apply technique 100 percent without holding back. Real training can be safe. I know people involved in arts that are "combative" or deal in irreconcilable sceneries will have a hard time with this concept. Apples and Oranges.

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