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Re: bugei studies

Originally posted by sleepyshark

The parallel you draw between needing a teacher to progress within a martial art and not needing a coach to become proficient at basketball is skewed at best.

Laurence, I may be wrong, but I think you missed the point. You are saying about the same things Karl does ...

You claim that a person who studies hard (presumedly on their own) and has the prerequisite talent can become an expert swordfighter. I would like to see that person fight with a challenger who has studied the same amount of time with proper training under a kendo(add your sword school here) instructor. I would be willing to bet that Prof. Friday's fighter would lose.

Umm. Musashi comes to mind. So does Choki Motobu.

The bottom line, is this (IMHO), you can learn a lot by yourself, but even if you get physically skillful, the less tangible, more esoteric aspects of the art you study will require a teacher.

Musashi ultimately found Zen, a practice that rounded out his great physical skill. Other folks find other routes.

One of the touchstones of budo (and I think this is Karl's point) is that unless it's simply another form of fighting or sport, then it will require a teacher who can guide, mold, advise and correct the student.


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