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Re: opening the joints

Tom Holz wrote:
You mean, like training by yourself and imagining someone pushing and pulling?

What you are describing with the wall seems like a skill that combines maintaining a fully connected body with full mobility. I'm getting glimpses of parts of both of these things, but mostly in the context of carrying my own body weight, not interacting with force (either real or imagined).

My body is starting to suspect that mobility, stability, and connection go hand in hand. If you are getting one without the other, you're training badly.
Hi Tom
Mobility and freedom of movement is easy to train on a wall and in our own quiet time. But a good fighter will zero in in on just those things; finding your center to forestall mobility, and freedom of movement. So it isn't just learning to carry our weight and move with center, its learning to also hide and evade our center within us on contact while capturing theirs
Identifying then enhancing various connections in us and then how we activate and use them daily is the training. While I am a very strong advocate for solo training I am equally strong on resistence training as well. It is facinating to me to see and feel the reactions of various body types and skill levels when I encounter. And then what it either does or doesn't do to my structure. While fighting with it is fun it has to be a small part of the overall paradigm of solo then incremental experimentation.
A major in road and result of good hard work is establishing structure in us. When committed force touches it it then easier to read the center of it and capture it. While that "capture on contact" is greatly aided by the quality of your solo work. It can't be perfected in a vaccuum. Training with an attacking frame to instantly be able to find his center and then control it on a fluid, changing basis is both fun and a requirement to perfect its actual use.

The winding exercise I showed you with the axises moving together so you are neutral the push/pull? The swimming pool training? That is an excellent tool for learnng to move...with those contradictions of push/pull rise/sink clearly identified in your body. If you set it up right in you and do it can't even move one without the other. So the whole body is involved; upper/lower, left/right, and center one launches and activates the other. Which is your comment about carrying weight.
Its also a great exercse for grappling. They touch you, they get whole body movement with a center that they can't have.

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