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Re: Kanji help?

Carl Thompson wrote:

鳳 ho- : mythical Firebird God
区 ku : ward or district (I was thinking Lake District)
巣 su : nest
兵 hei : soldier/ warfare/strategy 
道dou : way as in aikido

Maybe not… I'm not sure if I got the readings work well in compound, but you get the idea…
Actually, Japanese have katakana for transcribing foreign words, i.e. they don't use Kanji to spell things out phonetically (they did historically, but the characters became hiragana and katakana), so this method looks a bit unnatural from the Japanese viewpoint.

On the other hand, using Kanji to spell things out phonetically is used in Chinese, e.g. tank becomes 坦克 (tanke), clone becomes 克隆 (kelong) and David becomes 大卫 (dawei)

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