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Re: DVD's of the World Games 2005 in Germany

I bought it and I like it.
As expected in such a documentary dvd there are some boring parts for people, who did not attend the sessions. But there are wonderful techniques, some nice sketches from the anniversary party.
I like especially the distance no-touch through Asai Shihan demonstrated. To make an experienced uke fall in a distance of nearly 5 meters, without any obvious action of nage is just great.
Well some people might claim it as just uke's accident, but I pretend on having seen a super-aikido-technique ;-) . I guess Asai demonstratedit for the first time as he first looked nearly astonished on how well it worked.

No. don't buy the dvd jus for this, but if you have access, look for it.

But there is a lot more of high quality aikido, which is worth buying for a few bucks. Maybe not really extraordinary stuff, but I enjoyed it.

Kind regards

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