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Re: To Slap the Ground or Not

I know better than to continue to add to this stalemate but I just can't resist!

And now I'm going to make you work for it!

Cady Goldfield recently said…

Cady Goldfield wrote:
...Years later, in discussing it with jujutsuka and judo guys, they recounted to me their instructors' exhortations to use the hard slap as, simply, an exercise to instill in them the habit of extending out their arms in a breakfall. In other words, the slap was intended to be "training wheels," not the actual real-life application of the breakfall technique. With time, they were to stop doing the slap and to remember to just open and extend the #54

One person's immediate response way back in the beginning off this thread was...

Charles Burmeister wrote:
…Falling and slapping is a beginner's stage of understanding and execution. Ukemi is like any other part of a martial art…it is adaptive. If you think that there is just a singular response to a given situation is just #12

I find your continues assertion that you know better than the rest because you used to practice stupid [your words] and now you know better because of your advancement in age to be a rather shallow attempt at a defense. Don't get me wrong…the value of "been there -- done that" usually is found to be quite the paramount. However, it is not always the definitive.

After all, you say that you know better than I because you are older and have "been there". Well, in all honesty, why should I even entertain what you think when my sensei is for sure older than you and "has already been there before us both! Hell, his instructor is still alive [whom I've also studied with]. Why should I listen to either one of you? Ah…I understand…because you said so. Gotcha.

Everyone's experience is different making the adage, "Your mileage may vary" so apropos.

Anyway, I find the 2nd half of your defense to be equally incomplete as the 1st half. You are the one that is suggesting that generations of practice are in fact wrong. You are the one that finds certain esoteric methods of practice to be complete hog wash and that you have western science findings to back these claims up. The burden of proof is on you. Where can I find these studies and findings so that I may make an informed decision about my own practice as well?

Actually, never mind…it seems pretty obvious to me that the correct method of break falling in the manner that you state and the manner that others have stated [that includes slapping] is exactly the same if done correctly.

If you feel that there is no added benefit to slapping than fine. No worries mate. Have it your way. After all it is your practice to do with as you wish.

I just hope the crux of your future arguments ends up being more than just, "because I said so"….

uh oh…I gotta go….the streetlights are on and my sensei is calling me….


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