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Re: To Slap the Ground or Not

Cady Goldfield wrote:
By the way, the "stomp" that Ushiro advocates is not, as you may believe, to absorb impact from the breakfall, but as an attack on your opponent. He is providing a means by which to condition one's mindset to think "attack." It is typical that without explanation, any movement is subject to misinterpretation, as it has been here.
I must have misunderstood Jun's post then...I read it as describing the "stomp" as a means of using a tougher part of the body to absorb impact than the hand.
On a side note, I remember experimenting with more foot-oriented break-falls and for me it was more easy to find my foot and ankle in pain, though I think it has much to do with the fact that I'm about as flat-footed as a duck. Too much foot and not enough other surface areas, and I start limping and injuring my already destoyed ankles quite quickly, so I find it best to think of my whole body upon impact, and that includes some degree of hand-to-ground "slapping"...unless my hands are in "ju" form like jujinage.
I dig what you're saying about not smacking the mat with extra force. We certainly don't want to have our hands taking the brunt of the force...all those little bones just don't like it, but just as surely as strikes have proven themselves to be quite reliable, so too have "slaps." I think it's just a matter of knowing the proper mechanics. Perhaps many people become too accustomed to that wonderfull "SMACK" that comes from a nice firm smack to the mat, it has certainly taken me a process of trial and error on the mat to figure out that harder doesn't equal better...still I disagree that "never" equals better too, and I do believe that's what you've asserted in previous posts.
Anyhow, there's my wooden nickle for ya!
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