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Mike Sigman
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Re: To Slap the Ground or Not

Cady Goldfield wrote:
Thank you for that, Jun (who babysits the play behavior on AikiWeb with the patience of a daycare worker!). I believe that over time, aikidoka, judoka and others come to realize that adding force to a breakfall is counterproductive. Odd how common sense ain't so common (tip of the hat to Mark Twain).
Cady, in case you didn't read Jun's post about Ushiro's method, the method involves a *stomp*. You may continue to not understand additive forces (which are sometimes subtractive), but the *stomp* does the same thing that a slap does. The real problem is that the hand is fragile and can be injured in off-mat situations, not that the slap doesn't help remove *some* of the falling force.


Mike Sigman
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