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Re: Get Real/ On the street

Don Magee wrote:
I couldn't remember if they officially trained bjj or not. I would assume though that it is more for improving the soldiers comradery and confidence then it is for practical battlefield use. I'm not saying that you wouldn't find it useful for restraining a suspect. But I would say there is a difference between police actions the military finds itself in, and a battle.

To the best of my understanding, it is the basis for unarmed combatives in the US Army. I'm sure a number of things were taken into account for it's selection and inclusion, and I would not be surprised if comradery and confidence were considered in the selection.

In any case, I would encourage you to read the field manual. IIRC, the manual is quite clear that in an unarmed fight on a modern battlefield, the soldier who lives is the soldier whose friends arrive on the scene first.


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