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Re: Early Aikido vs Modern Aikido

Dominic Prokop wrote:
Hi all,
I recently read and article in Blitz martial arts magazine by, as I recall, a 5th Dan student of Kenshiro Abbe Sensei, and is now an instructor. It was a very interesting article which brings up some very interesting points. His comparison was of Modern Aikido to past Aikido believing that many styles today are "too soft" and that the soft "Dancing" styles should merely be called arts rather than martial arts as they have no solid martial technique.
Ah, I'm guessing that was by Henry Ellis? This is a bit of a hobby-horse of his; not sure why.

Abbe Sensei's first Student in the UK now heads up the style of Aikido that I practice, that has also felt the influence of Koichi Tohei. I can imagie few people with a better grasp (or experience!) of the 'hard' early Aikido, yet he saw no problem in developing it with aspects of Tohei's Ki Aikido.

I was recently training with an instructor from another club (same association) and I can honestly say that her Aikido was both the softest and most powerful that I've ever experienced.
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