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Re: Early Aikido vs Modern Aikido

Gernot Hassenpflug wrote:
Hey Darren, are you on Mike Sigman's QiJing list? You sound like you're open to that kind of approach, at the least daily practice of exercises like Robert John has posted here. BTW, are you in either Kentsuka or Ezra sensei's organizations? They do stuff on these lines too, from what I hear (using aikido misogi as base IIRC). I agree with you, everything I read in Japanese lately says "the kata teaches you to develop the correct body for bujutsu. In the beginning, you don't have it so kata practice is useless. When you know what to look for (someone has to teach you) you practice this on your own to develop the body, and get corrected by and by. Wrong practice, no matter how hard or fast, stays wrong".
Hi Gernot

No - I'm not on anyones list (AFAIK ).

My background is all visible through my Id.

I'm very open to gaining ideas from a lot of approaches - Mike Sigman does post some highly interesting things as do a number of others here. He posts on a much higher plane than my current understanding of ki so I usually read but don't post back.

I do have fairly firm beliefs in what constitutes the Aikido I aim to practice. I've posted a few times on the bases of Aikido as I've been taught. My view is that if these are present and in appropriate balance then that goes a long way to establishing the validity of the Aikido. (How this is measured is a very large can of worms indeed!)

Hard training is important to my practice too - in the right time and place so I'm not throwing out Mike Braxtons post completely. I just objected to the impression that hard training was better than soft training. It can be, but not always.

TBH I think you have nailed exactly what I was trying to say with your last sentence "Wrong practice, no matter how hard or fast, stays wrong".


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