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Re: Early Aikido vs Modern Aikido

Mike Braxton wrote:
In my view, if you always practice at a slow pace then you won't be used to applying your skills at a faster pace in which a situation might call for out on the street. Lungs and heart are just not up to pumping that hard and fast not to mention your motor skills won't be up to par with the pace. Just like any other sport, you can't always just walk through practice. You have to work out at a higher level during practice and sometimes do a walk through.

The old school Aikido has a few tricks and options that could be imployed in the street. Sometimes having short cuts needs to be a bit more nastier to end the situation sooner.
You are missing my point Mike.

Its possible to practice very hard and get very sweaty. I've seen this many times in both old school, new school and while it can be extremely martial and can be something that translates to the can also be complete rubbish that is meaningless.

Old school Aikido has no tricks that are not employed in Aikido.

There are many practicing and teaching that do not know the tricks perhaps.

But that is a deficiency in their Aikido. Not a deficiency in Aikido ...modern or otherwise.

I'm all for 'hard' practice but hard practice for the sake of a feelgood sweat doesn't cut it for me.

Hard smart practice is another thing all together.


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