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Re: Get Real/ On the street

Basia Halliop wrote:
Does everything we do in life have value only based on it's martial usefulness? I find that pretty depressing.
Certainly not, and that certainly would be depressing.

To the extent that I have a point, it would simply be that "martial usefulness" is a broad category that encompasses many pursuits that one may engage in for reasons that have nothing at all do with explicitly martial purposes.

Conversely, discussions of "martial usefulness" by people who restrict their training in and examination of "martial arts" to the context of regularly scheduled practice in a room with padded floors and artificial heating, cooling, and lighting have long struck me as having limited utility.

Knowing "how to fight" when you haven't a clue how to choose the ground on which you will fight, how you will get there in good enough shape to fight, how you will get out intact, nor what the desired outcome of the encounter is and how it will be effected beyond simply "winning the fight" doesn't ultimately work very well.

So ultimately, the "martial" is only "useful" precisely to the extent that it allows us the physical and psychological security needed to pursue other goals without fear of imminent destruction.

Like maybe row to a nice spot and whistle a familiar melody while fishing. If only I could whistle....
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