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Re: Get Real/ On the street

Basia Halliop wrote:

Does everything we do in life have value only based on it's martial usefulness? I find that pretty depressing.
Only if you prefix it with the word martial.

If you said I do martial nose picking, then I would want to know what you consider martial about it. If you said you did aiki noise picking, I'd want to know what was aiki about it. We claim to do martial arts, we should be aware of what is still relevant martially in our art. If our art is about defenses against ancient attacks that never happen anymore, then is it truly still martial? or is it a historical martial art.

I"m not making claims to it's martialness (is that a word?) . I am simply challenging others to think about the meaning to them. I make the same challenge to judo and bjj guys. It's about exploring why you train, and why we call it martial arts.

- Don
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein
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