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Re: Get Real/ On the street

to building the kind of body necessary for effective martial arts practice
Right, good exercise and building muscles and coordination, etc, makes people better able to _then_ get out and go practice martial arts better.... But really, what doesn't? Why bother even using the word martial if it means everything from tennis (good exercise, coordination) to painting (meditation, hones observational skills, make propaganda posters)? It's like 'academic' -- when we say we're doing 'academic exercises', it's sort of understood that we aren't saying we're currently asleep after eating a nutritious meal, even though those are needed for future good academic performance. I don't care that much about the word, it just seems like a kind of pointless word if the definition is so wide it means just about everything in the world...

Why bother even having words if any word means everything?

Although you've got me on warships -- of course many throughout history were oardriven!! Propaganda and military music specifically, yes they do have martial applications, but the study of war propaganda and the psychology used is I would hope a pretty narrow subset of all art study (and probably you'd find a lot of artists who said it was fundamentally unartistic or something).

Does everything we do in life have value only based on it's martial usefulness? I find that pretty depressing.

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