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Fred Little
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Re: Get Real/ On the street

Basia Halliop wrote:
....are yoga and rowing martial arts? How about wilderness camping, or dancing, or music?
Yoga has been a great aid to me in addressing and moving beyond injury and getting back on the mat. So yes, in the same way that a military hospital is, by definition, martial.

I can only imagine what would have happened at Trenton if General Washington's troops had insisted that they were soldiers, not oarsmen. Quite aside from that, rowing has other benefits which are immediately applicable to building the kind of body necessary for effective martial arts practice.

Most of my foundation of knowledge relating to knives, hatchets, saws, machetes, and related edged tools comes from Boy Scout training for wilderness camping, as does my knowledge of which woods make good kindling and which produce a solid bed of slow-burning coals.

Dancing? Ask Emmet Smith or Hector Camacho. Me? I can only dream of that level of skill on the dance floor.

Music? A major part of FBI/ATF psyops at the Branch Davidian Compound, during the US invasion of Panama, and more recently, in the US invasion of Iraq.

My .02 anyway.

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