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Cady Goldfield
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Re: To Slap the Ground or Not

Xu Wenfung wrote:
SLAP mat hard...GOOD!

SLAP mat hard; get strong forearm... in addition to Ken/Jo suburi works, make aikido-ka give good shomen/yokomen uchi... no more excuse for weak pussified sissy attacks. OSSU!

SLAP mat hard = Old Wives' Tale

Simple studies in exercise physiology may reveal the falacity of the belief that slapping things, plunging hands into sand, and all that stuff does anything other than kill nerves so you can't feel pain from the damage you are doing.

Proper form is what prevents harm to limbs. Slapping and pseudo-conditioning HARMS limbs. Period.

But then again, people do weird stuff with their diets, and take herbs whose shape looks like a human liver, in the belief that an herb "shaped like a liver" must somehow do things to strengthen a liver! This is superstition, not knowledge.
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