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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Erick Mead wrote:
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Cool, but I made a very valid point about what "internal arts" means and you can't address it. Your ideas of "resistive", etc., as applied to "internal arts" are ludicrous and ill-informed. If you have something to repudiate that, fine. As it stands, you're still mixing some kind of "philosophy of Aikido", the training/conditioning that Ueshiba used, and CMA misunderstandings into one erroneous batch of vague ideas.

"Natural" movement, has, as noted previously, a connotation with the "natural laws of the universe"... and that includes the jin/kokyu forces/skills. "Jin" is not "li", whether there is force involved in either one, nor is there any reasonable cause to think that "jin" points to either a resistive on non-resistive philosophy. If you can't argue those points with support, then you shouldn't assert them.


Mike Sigman
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