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Rigel Keffer
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Re: To Slap the Ground or Not

The week before Thanksgiving, I was to check friends' mail and feed both hamster and dog while they were out of town for several days. Late on Friday, 11/17, their dog burst through my ankles and knocked me down the concrete steps onto the concrete back patio. OUCH. I sprained the tar out of my right ankle (which took the twisting force of the idiot dog) and bruised/slightly-cracked a bone in my foot. I've also angered the problematic disk in my lower back, a chronic problem that often acts up at the least provocation. That said, I have great appreciation for aikido training and the way I automatically helped myself during the fall. I spun my body during the crazy descent down the stairs and was able to disperse the force of the impact along my entire right side. And, I kept my neck bent and did not hit my head on the concrete. It was basically a really goofy looking instinctual attempt at a break fall.

I did not slap out. I just unfolded and exhaled as I took the impact the full right length of my body. I ended up just laying there on my back looking at the sky shivering on the cold concrete. Oh yeah, and yelling, "You stupid dog! Now, I'm gonna have to miss aikido class!" Yup, aikido was the FIRST thing I thought of when the pain hit.

I cringe to think what would've happened if I had taken that same fall a year or two ago. I'd've probably ended up with one or both wrists injured and a head/facial injury on top of the almost given aggravated back injury and the dog-caused torn up ankle.
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