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Mike Sigman
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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Michael Douglas wrote:
From that article I find this confusing ;
"Ushiro shihan pointed out numerous times during training that the type of ukemi usually seen in aikido in which one slaps the mat with their hands, was dangerous. After some thought however, he said he could see the reason for such ukemi."

Anyone usually see such ukemi at Aikido practice?
I'll bet he was talking about falling ukemi, not rolling ukemi (although I cringe when people slap on rolling ukemi). Because slapping with the hand can be detrimental in falls on concrete, stones, etc., many martial arts don't do it. They absorb the impact with the body so that they won't injure the hand (which they need to fight with). I've run into that several times in my life. I've stopped doing a hand-slap when I fall back into the Barca-lounger.

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