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Re: Aikido: The learning of natural movement

Michael Douglas wrote:
A little aside here ;

From that article I find this confusing ;
"Ushiro shihan pointed out numerous times during training that the type of ukemi usually seen in aikido in which one slaps the mat with their hands, was dangerous. After some thought however, he said he could see the reason for such ukemi."

Anyone usually see such ukemi at Aikido practice?
Well, maybe Ushiro was talking about a singular breakfall Ukemi phenominon exclusive to the hundreds of people from all different styles he saw at summer camp and everyone else in Aikido is different.

Or Version two
We have all seen that anytime, anyone, anywhere, talks about anything in , about, or in reference to....Aikido.... we are all quickly reminded that each single, individual, from each, individual, school, from each, individual style, from each, individual country.....does it different. Then they cite Ueshiba's comment about making it their own, then we hear them tell each other they don't get what Uesiba was doing and just how they are each different.
Then...... when we see them at the Aiki expo.........

They all look amazingly the same.
And slapping the mat in breakfalls.
Or maybe you just do the softer style that gently rolls along

Maybe there is a different way to do Ukemi that is not ukemi but fighting back.It that has more connectivity in the body and both absorbs the impact and makes your body actively attacking while falling. That the intent was and is to always attack and NEVER to give up and receive that way. Maybe the idea was to never "take" ukemi in the first place. Thus the lessons in Karate and MMA are more real for Aikido to begin with.
Or maybe not.
I'm sure yours is different.

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