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Re: Discussion of Summer Camp 2006 on AJ

Thanks to Mike for pointing me to Minoru Inaba's interview on Aikido Journal.
Mike Sigman wrote:
You don't know what you're talking about and that's in regard to basics. If I were you, from now on I wouldn't mention George Ledyard or Dennis Hooker or whomever... you need to stop the personal stuff and start thinking.
Who got personal? You started the ad hominem nonsense, I just blended.

I take nothing personally, but I am a big boy and argue for a living. I just despise with living passion poorly drawn and fallacious arguments -- probably only slightly more than I hate sloppy aikido.

Mike, you are remarkably presumptuous. Which I mean as no insult. You just presume way too much. Ya don't know me, ya don't know what I teach (which I have been fairly clear about in comparison to the limits of this topic of discussion). Ya certainly don't know nothing about mechanics, or you might have said something about it in your own words by now, and risked having to stand behind it and back it up, instead of substituting ridiculous insult for useful discussion.

I have not tried to derail your discussion with others in its own terms, I am simply looking for engagement on the issues to inform my own research. If you don't want to engage me don't respond, but if you do, you should know what to expect -- pretty much whatever you offer in kind.

I decline the invitation for further verbal repartee, as the hour is late, my belly full and the whisky glass a good deal lower than it was.

I invite any more useful discussion on applicable mechanics of natrual movement, kokyu, jin or otherwise.

Unfortunately, Inaba Sensei's interview, while very valuable in its own terms, had little to address the issues of mechanics in aikido, either in the quoted language or in other parts.

It did however, have this:
Minoru Inaba, Aikido Journal #120 wrote:
In the battle of life you have to find your own way and you have to make your own technique for practicing your "do." That's why you study the martial techniques we have now and in the process you will also learn budo. If you learn the forms of the martial techniques we have now and this causes you to lose your independence and creativity, then your priorities are mixed up. The culture will not develop. Actually, when you are blazing your own trail you need to create new martial techniques--you need new methods. As you search for the meaning of budo, your ability to create techniques will be born.

Therein lies the creativity of budo and bujutsu.

This is usually how the search for the way begins in daily practice. But to search for the way and try to put it into practice, you need to
create new techniques. Thus there is a correlation between "do" and
"jutsu". The connection becomes deeper and will grow.
I'll resume my own struggle without prejudice to any others, and accept the authority of those over me. Hooker Sensei can tell me what to teach and what to quit teaching if I stray from what I have learned from him and his students. I'll keep learning what I can from any training partner I find, Mike -- even you.

I continue in my effort and will raise issues as they seem appropriate, and accept any correction on substantive grounds that any person may have to make.


Erick Mead
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