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David Yap
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Re: Early Aikido vs Modern Aikido

Lynn Seiser wrote:
I have seen soft and hard in all arts.
Its nice to have a choice.
Agreed absolutely with Dr. Seiser. But only those who x-trained in various MA would have realized this.

Adding on: In aikido, there are people who have not practise long enough and who have not trained enough with different instructors to experience this spectrum. There are instructors who called themselves teachers (sensei) and have yet to grasp the concept of Shu-Ha-Ri and proceed to instruct "formless" aikido to novice. They don't realize that every dance has its form.

In all the education systems, there are specially trained teachers for every level of skill and knowledge. I can imagine kindergarden kids getting some value from a universtity dean but I can't image college/univerty students getting any value from a kindergarden teacher (a bit, perhaps). It is said that one must "steal" the techniques from ones teacher - provided the techniques were there to begin with.

To each his own they say. I always relate Aikido with the story about blind men and the elephant. The difference between now and then is most present instructors still insist that his/her aikido is a "tree trunk" or a "wall" or a "rope". In addition to the feeling that "my MA is better than your MA" some even think that their aikido is better that others. They can never see the elephant but yet they choose not to "feel" the whole elephant and in the process they even stop their students from feeling all parts of the elephant. Sad.

Need to run off to catch the plane to Hanoi. Bringing my gi with me as usual.

Catch up when I return.

Happy training

David Y
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