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Re: Discussion of Summer Camp 2006 on AJ

Mike Sigman wrote:
I think you only hear what you want to hear, Erick. The "vibratory" nature of jin in the joints? By "the current master"??? A common mistranslation of a shaking release comes out "vibration", Erick. It's where the "vibrating palm" idea got started. I.e., the translator didn't understand the "shaking" idea because he had no clue... and "vibrating palm" became a ghost-story of the CMA's. There is no "current master", Erick. There are various schools of Yiquan, each claiming to be better than the others.
Dachengquan, which you well know, because Tim Fong pointed me to Wang Xiangzhai in the course of the earlier discussion, which you responded to. Belittling semantics again in place of substantive response.

Let everyone judge for themselves what was said::

Look down to Question 12.

The webpage is that of Yao Chegguang one of two sons of Yao Zongxun, who studied under Wang Xiangzhai.

I don't vouch for it, but vibratory oscillation is plainly what it describes. Descriptively. In some detail. Unequivocally.

The information is evidently translated by a native Chinese speaker, presumably edited before being published so I do not think the error of a native English translator you presume is there at all.

Yao Chenguang wrote:
Q: While in zhanzhuang, there are slight vibration all over the body, is it the natural or intentional reaction?

A: The slight vibration (squirm) all over the body in zhanzhuang is changing from natural to artificial effect. While in standing post (especially in pingbu zhuang, with separated feet and heels in a line), you can feel the slight vibration in calves, and then in thighs, waist, belly, chest and other places. If not control the vibration, it will develop to larger extent and influence the whole body, heels even lift and fall down to knock the ground. Even though the vibrating for dozes of minutes, you will not feel tired; on the contrary, you are really relaxed. When this phenomenon lasts for over ten days, you can practice "fu'an fa" in Yang Sheng Zhuang. Imagine you are standing erect in water and the hands are holding a wood board down below. If you have buoyant feeling in body when pressing the board, you can stop pressing it, but while the body seems to sink, you should resume pressing act. Until the buoyant and sink feeling are totally controlled by mind, you can control the strong vibration to the extent that others cannot notice it from outside. However, the muscles inside the body keep vibrating. The smaller the act is, the quicker the frequency becomes. We can quote the saying of boxing predecessor here: "Big vibration is inferior to small one, and small one is still inferior to stillness. The vibration of stillness is just the unceasing act". In practice, you should check if there are motionless or slowly vibrating muscles. If so, you can guide them with mind and they will definitely vibrate in longer period.
"The vibration of stillness is just the unceasing act."

Can you spell "infinitesimal displacement" or "virtual work?"

I am not going out on much of limb here.


Erick Mead
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