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2/03/2002 4:51pm [from Gareth Hatch]

Arlington Aikikai of Arlington Heights, Illinois - USA is pleased to present a seminar featuring the practice of Aikido and an introduction to the practice of Jodo during March 15-17, 2002.

Our instructors will be Lisa Tomoleoni Sensei and Meik Skoss Sensei. Tomoleoni Sensei holds the rank of 4th dan Aikikai Aikido and is a full time Instructor at Aikido Shindo Dojo in Tokyo, Japan. Skoss Sensei holds the rank of 5th dan in Jodo, and he is licensed as Sho Moku Roku in Shinto Muso Ryu Jo.

Participation is open to the Aikido community only. Both a standard jo and bokken will be necessary. Space is limited and registration will be on a "first come, first served" basis.

For further information, please email us at or visit the Web site at where you can get more information on the class schedule, seminar fees and dojo location.
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