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Re: Discussion of Summer Camp 2006 on AJ

Erick Mead wrote:
Gravity is acceleration and ground is passive inertia -- i.e -- resistance. Which you claim it isn't. Mere standing is equipoise betweeen them, and necessarily resistant also.

Aiki is something else. Kokyu is something else. Jin is something else. Your mechanical description isn't. Six springs isn't.
None of which ( nor your bullet sumamry) attempt to map onto the concepts of mechanical dynamics.
Here. This excerpt from an interview with Minoru Inaba contains some very important pointers. I've posted it maybe 3 times already:

Power focused here is defensive power; power going out is offensive power.

How can you put forth offensive power? The first thing you have to do is to focus the power in your center. Offensive power will naturally flow if you focus your power in the center. That is forceful power (iryoku). It is a condition of focused energy that becomes center energy. In budo, people use the terms "bui" or "iryoku", don't they? Most important in martial arts is "iwoharu," showing this powerfully focused energy. It's not good to pretend that you have energy (karaibari). Try to use the energy in the lower abdomen. You can call this energy focused "ki" energy. If you don't have center energy, you are bluffing. Really, you have to develop this energy. The energy will flow naturally if you can focus it in the lower abdomen. If you understand this point, you will understand how to develop your body and mind and how you should train.

If you forget this essential point, you'll think only about winning, and you won't have the power to keep centered. This power won't be released and you will be destroyed.

You do exercises to straighten up your back muscles and relax your shoulders. Drop your focus to your lower abdomen. If you do that, you'll find your center point and you will produce center energy. If your center is not developed, you won't have ki energy available to project through your fingers.

If you take excess energy from the upper body and train the lower body as in sumo wrestling, and if you train the energy of the lower abdomen, you will develop your center energy. You use that power wherever necessary.

Even though you focus the energy in your lower abdomen, you will not be able to move the energy to the area where you need it right away. You have to think about how you are going to move it. You have to think about two things, gathering and filling up the power, and then moving the power to where the opponent will attack. Also if you have a weapon, you have to project energy through the weapon. If you understand this point, you'll know how to train and what you need to develop. At the same moment you meet your opponent, you focus on your abdomen (hara) and project your ki where you need it. The result will be that you will shut down your opponent's power. I understand that as the power of "aiki."

Go back and look at the discussion article and the point about "floating" your opponent at the moment of touch. Look at Chris Moses' comments about the basic jin demo's he saw at Akuzawa's. They're manipulating "paths" of forces with their minds, Erick. You can do it; anyone can do it. To make it a global skill in your body takes time. If you want to manipulate it and have "power releases", then maybe we can discuss some surprising rotational aspects. If you want to really "move with your hara", some of it can be explained in terms of rotational dynamics, but it would be a needless exercise in sophistry.


Mike Sigman
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