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Re: Discussion of Summer Camp 2006 on AJ

Mike Sigman wrote:
I have discussed "paths" and "groundpaths" and explained the difference between 'jin' and 'li' and I have submitted diagrams and I have explained that forces are used from 2 main sources: the ground and the gravity. And so on.
Gravity is acceleration and ground is passive inertia -- i.e -- resistance. Which you claim it isn't. Mere standing is equipoise betweeen them, and necessarily resistant also.

Aiki is something else. Kokyu is something else. Jin is something else. Your mechanical description isn't. Six springs isn't.
Mike Sigman wrote:
I already have {explained}. A number of times, with a number of approaches. I
None of which ( nor your bullet sumamry) attempt to map onto the concepts of mechanical dynamics.

Some time ago in another thread you alluded also to your opus on these points but did not deign to respond where, in your 1500-odd posts, you provided this, or to bother again to elaborate it for me. One wonders why you keep replying, or studying, if you are unwilling to trouble to explain it again.

It seems to me that I end up explaining things, again and again, in the same way and in numerous variations in almost every class, but I have not tired of it so far. I learn a little more every time I try.


Erick Mead
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