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Re: Early Aikido vs Modern Aikido

Lynn Seiser wrote:
I have seen soft and hard in all arts.
Its nice to have a choice.

Whether my aikido is soft or hard depends on who puts their hands on me.

I do my very best not to injure the people that I train with, but I've come to accept the idea of hurting someone who is a threat to my family.

I think that gentleness is very important; Not every attack is met with the same amount of force. If Grandpa is off his meds and is getting violent, I'm gonna make sure he gets let down reeeaaal easy.

If some punks want to hurt my wife or my daughter, well...

Getting married and having a baby has definitely changed the way that I think about aikido and the use of force. I love my family so much that I will do whatever I have to do to get them home safe. It's just that simple.

Have a good weekend, everybody.

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