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Re: Discussion of Summer Camp 2006 on AJ

Erick Mead wrote:
If you really think that there is distinction between a force couple and "rotation" on a question of virtual work, then yes, you are right, we have nothing to talk about. I'll prefer to give Ushiro Sensei credit for knowing what he was saying.
Except, that's not at all what I said, is it?
Ledyard Sensei has demonstrated some of what he taken from Ushiro to me in seminar. I am buy no means speaking out of school here.
Are you offering George Ledyard as someone who is skilled in kokyu/ki things, then? Previously you made no mention of him in that position.
Fine. Quit carping about the irrelvancy of my little adventure, and explain "the basics" in purely mechanical terms ...
I already have. A number of times, with a number of approaches. I have discussed "paths" and "groundpaths" and explained the difference between 'jin' and 'li' and I have submitted diagrams and I have explained that forces are used from 2 main sources: the ground and the gravity. And so on. I think you're waiting in the bushes simply to hear anything that sounds like "rotation" and if you don't hear what you want to hear, you simply don't hear.
There are several large bars full of helicopter pilots, aeronatucial engineers, and a few more roboticists thrown, that would find the idea of gyrodynamics, as an "unusual and obscure meta-theory" rather quaint.
So why do you say that? Anyone can check and see that the reference was to the idea that AIKIDO was explainable by gyrodynamics, not a question of gyrodynamics itself. Are you completely wandering away from what was said and making it up, now?
Why the antagonism? I am hardly wedded to these particular expressions of the concepts, but no one is proposing a better aproach from a mechanical standpoint that I have seen.
??? You may have missed a few posts, then.
Everytime I am challenged so far with new issues to address, I find that there is yet further evidence in the challenge itself to confirm me in continuing the approach with these mechanical concepts, as in Ushiro's recntly revealed statement on rotation, and the yiquan discussion (by the current Master) on the vibratory nature of jin in the joints.
I think you only hear what you want to hear, Erick. The "vibratory" nature of jin in the joints? By "the current master"??? A common mistranslation of a shaking release comes out "vibration", Erick. It's where the "vibrating palm" idea got started. I.e., the translator didn't understand the "shaking" idea because he had no clue... and "vibrating palm" became a ghost-story of the CMA's. There is no "current master", Erick. There are various schools of Yiquan, each claiming to be better than the others.

As I have previously suggested, I think you need to visit someone... for instance, Akuzawa.... and do a little hands-on.


Mike Sigman
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