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Re: Get Real/ On the street

Oops - cut myself off - e-seppuku!!!

Ok, not big on the dictionary school of debate but if forced to by a particular vicious yonkyo would define martial as "that which defends us from harm." Also that there are levels of immediacy for this, eg street defense more immediate than heart attack defense.

By this definition, the things you mention Basia are indeed martial, but less immediately so. There is a historical dimension of course here too, so could say that was necessary too, if uncomfortable with being in same box as yoga practitioners (recommended

This is nothing new - I believe the samurai classified swimming as a martial art.

Either way I would rather not see another AW thread go down the definitions road but would prefer to refer (say that quick) people, back to the original question if they are willing:

"How does aikido work for you in your actual non-fantasy real life (tm)? Not the one important time you need it for self defense, but the rest of the time."
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