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Re: Discussion of Summer Camp 2006 on AJ

Dan Harden wrote:
And more interesting then all of this is.....
1. Why....would Ikeda be making this "observation" now?
2. Is it ...after feeling Ushiro?
Hi Dan,
Ikeda sensei made the statement at Camp last year that "Of course Saotome Sensei has been doing this all along... it's just that we were too thick to get it." I think what has people so excited about Ushiro Sensei, Ikeda Sensei included, is that he has a very clear and systematic way of talking about the various principles which combine to create technique using "aiki".

Saotome Sensei learned from O-Sensei (and others of course) and he stated that he could remeber only three times in 15 years that O-Sensei actually explained something technical. So Saotome Sensei picked this stuff up by feeling it. He is something of an intuitive genius in this area I think. But that method will not work for many of us. Ushiro Sensei breaks elements down that Saotome Sensei simply does, often without really being aware of it as discreet principles. I believe that this is precisely why many folks have been helped by training with Ushiro Sensei.

I absolutely agree that Aikido needs to be taught completely differently than it is currently being taught. I think thet principles need to be identified and broken down for people in a way that they are not currently. Training with Angier Sensei over the years made that abundantly clear to me and I have modeled my own teaching methodology on the insights I got from training with him and other teacher like William Gleason Sensei and Tom Read Sensei who also teach in a Principle based fashion.

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