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Basia Halliop
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Re: Get Real/ On the street

But if everything is martial, then are yoga and rowing martial arts? How about wilderness camping, or dancing, or music?

Aikido has improved my life in lots of what I would call non-martial ways, though, I can agree with that -- I was reading the question just as a question of what non-martial, non-fighting related ways we had benefited from Aikido. And I also think that a number of the benefits I get from Aikido I actually could have got some other way as well, but I don't see that particularly as a criticism of Aikido. More that nearly all of us probably spend more time talking about the martialness of it than benefiting directly from that, seeing as very few of us are directly engaged in war in our real lives (look up the word martial in a dictionary, I think it's pushing it to describe it as anything that protects you in any way -- you can't just make a word mean whatever you mean. Martial = having to do with war)... And sometimes its nice to acknowledge the other benefits, which for most of us honestly effect us more, even if many of them could have been obtained from some other combination of physical, mental, etc, activities.
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