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Mike Sigman
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Re: Discussion of Summer Camp 2006 on AJ

Mike Sigman wrote:
As I've mentioned before, I think that just for openers, any Aikido teacher should be able to offhand demonstrate the few "ki tests" that Tohei shows in some of his instructional books. Those tests are not indicative of just the things Tohei did... O-Sensei did a lot of them, too.

Basic "ki test" skills are like the ante to get into the poker game.
I feel like I need to modify this statement somehow. Some "ki tests" like the "unbendable arm", "can't pull the fingers apart", and so on aren't really definitive because they can be duplicated closely enough with wrong mechanics that it makes their validity questionable. Besides, some "ki tests" are ones that get better the more you train them, whereas they wouldn't necessarily be part of your everyday training in Aikido... so what some of those ki tests shows is open to question.

Another problem with my statement comes when I remember how many people I have met who can do, for instance, good "rooting" (such as Tohei does in various stances), yet they lose their basic power and any semblance of "move from the hara", the moment they try it with dynamic demonstrations.

The essence of what I'm saying, I'd stick too.... an Aikido "teacher" should be able to comfortably exhibit most "ki tests". In addition, it should be possible to "feel the ground" or "feel the weight" throughout every increment of any technique or taiso.

My modified opinion, FWIW

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